What to expect at your appointment

The team has all their gear in a grey Honda Passport and brings what they need right into your home!

The team sets up on the floor with their gear as the pets are most comfortable staying on the ground. They start with taking a medical history and making a plan for what you would like to have during the appointment. This time allows the pet to get used to our presence, voices, and smells. 

Once the plan is made then the team will get everything ready prior to doing the exam. The doctor starts with the exam and then will do any vaccines, blood draws, etc. This allows for minimal handling of the pet which decreases their stress. Sometimes the exam reveals health concerns in which case the doctor will discuss this and make additional recommendation at that time.

Cats should be contained in a carrier or a bathroom prior to their appointment. We try to avoid rooms where our feline friends have many places to hide (beds, washers/dryers, etc.). If a pet is not easily accessible we will likely have to reschedule for a different date which can delay their care significantly.

The team carries a small pharmacy supply with them and most medications can be filled at the time of the appointment. Medications that we don't regularly carry can be ordered via our online pharmacy. 

The best part of house calls is how we can decrease the stress for our patients. The handling time is minimal and there's no stressful car ride prior to and after their appointment. Instead, they get to go right back to their normal routine in their own home!

Payment is taken at time of service and we can take card, cash, check or Care Credit.

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